Grocery Shopping Local Style Negril, Jamaica

Day 5 of our stay and we have just made our 2nd trip into downtown Negril to pick up some everyday food essentials from the grocery. While this might not be necessary for everyone to do so, I would comfortably say that if you are staying longer than 5 or 7 nights, you will likely find yourself in the same boat. 

If you are running on a budget or just not into going out for every meal, here a few things you need to know:

#1 Everyday essentials are costly

Our total from the HiLo Grocery store was $8047.50 Jamaica Dollar or about $66.50 US. Heres what that can buy you: 

2 bags of water crackers, 1 loaf of hard dough bread, 2 cans of fruit punch juice, 1 jar of guava jam, 1 jar chocolate spread, 2 liters of milk, 1 kg sugar, 1 bottle of virgin coconut oil, 1 bar of big blue laundry soap, 1 bar of bath soap, several bottle of Coca-Cola regular and diet and a few miscellaneous packaged sweets cookies etc. 

Not quite what you are used to? You’re not alone. 

Basics foods we take for granted can be almost double or triple what we are used to in the United States. If you subtract the coconut oil from our bill (-$2089.00) you would still be left with $50.00 for just the few things you see on our shelves. 

What are your best options? 

•Stick only to what you will need and use completely

•Eat out one main meal a day; breakfast or lunch would be your best choice – Jamaican food is very hearty and filling to hold you most of the day

•Steer clear of American brands (they cost more) 

•Pick up fresh fruit from local vendors

•Try something new

•Ask the locals  

My few key must haves for the room when not eating out were: 

Coffee, Milk, Sugar

Bread with Jam and/or Bun with Cheese 

Water Crackers and a few treats for night time. 

***Tips to keep in mind***

• Some hotels offer complementary breakfast or a discount for eating at their restaurant (this can be a valuable bonus) but not all offer this so be sure to check before booking.

• How your room is equipped will also determine what and if you can purchase certain items (you may quickly learn how to survive without a microwave, toaster or stove) 

•Lunch & Dinner: Almost always we step out at lunch time to one of our favorite local spots. A good thing to keep in mind is that you can easily pick up dinner during the day when you go out for lunch. This can keep the hassle down of going back out at night. We pick Soup and salad as a favorite. 

Happy Travels!



2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Local Style Negril, Jamaica

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  1. HiLo.
    No, no.
    I agree that grocery shopping here is mad expensive because of the gct taxes but it also depends on where you go.
    I recommend a Shoppers Fair or a mini mart. You get the same stuff for a little cheaper.
    HiLo and MegaMart we don’t go near.
    We leave those stores for the rich among us or for desperate times LOL.

    Other than that, I hope you enjoy your month’s stay in JA!

    — Bless

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the tip. You are definitely right. We’ve been doing a lot of shop and compare but I can’t help but notice that everything has gotten much pricier than just a year or two ago. GCT almost 10%? Makes me wonder how the locals handle this. Much respect, blessings and love.


      Liked by 1 person

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