Review: Best In The West Jerk Restaurant Negril, Jamaica

 Best in the West Cocktial Bar & Jerk Chicken – They don’t call it the best for no reason, heres our review:

My fiancé and I have frequented this road side gem on every trip to Negril. While you will find many places both local style and resort owned, we have claimed this as one of our top favorites when touring the town. 

Conveniently located across the street from Coco La Palm Hotel & Resort, (review from our stay here in September 2016 soon to come) Best in the West is within a reasonable walking distance for several hotels on the seven mile beach strip and a short 5 minute walk from Margaritaville. 

Pictured above actual menu 

Don’t let the short selection of menu deter you, Best in The West does not disappoint. “Reds” the head chef is expert on the grill and all meals are prepared to order. 

Gary consistantly orders the 1/2 chicken for $13 US and recommends this over the 1/4 option. On occasion he has ordered the jerk pork but returns to the chicken as his favorite. 

As a long time pescatarian (full vegetarian with the exepction of fish) the steam roast fish is my personal favorite. Cooked to order, the fish takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare but is well worth the short wait. A more than generous portion is servered with your choice of rice & peas or bread with salad. 

The homemade jerk sauce never fails either way. Not too spicy like most and not too sweet but just enough kick woth a hint of barbecue tang to make you want to come back for more. 

And finally – last but most certainly not least: Best In The West Famous Conch Soup 

Hands down The Best conch soup either one of us have ever had. Maybe even one of the best soups we have had ever. Period. End of story. Loaded with local grown diced yam, carrots, okra and of course….large hearty pieces of conch! Seasoned with just a little bit of spice, this soup is a meal all by itself and is sure to warm up the belly. Only one pot is made from early in the morning but is not served up til around 2pm. Don’t wait too long though, once they run out, its done for the day. 

Next time you take a trip down to Negril, be sure to stop by Best in the West and tell Reds that GG Travel sent you!

-Sheila GG


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