Review: Mike’s Glass Bottom Boat Tour – Best in Negril, Jamaica

We have spent ample time walking up and down the Negril beach strip and while doing so, we have analyzed the vendors stationed along the coastline. Last September while staying at The Coco La Palm Beach Resort here in Negril, we found ourselves in search of a reputable and honest local to take us out for a boat trip. Us being the adventurous ones that we are, we wanted to go all the way down to West End (the very tip past Rick’s Cafe, the cliffs and beyond). We were approached by several prospective candidates but settled with none we walked just a bit south. Nestled between the Charlea Inn and White Sands hotel you will find the everyday parking spot for Mike’s Glass Bottom Boat. Unlike most, Mike has a crew of 2-3 at all times for safety purposes and runs a very tight ship as far as procedures go. 

Not approached by the crew, we passed by the boat resting quietly on a slow day. Feeling the urge to take a trip, Gary and myself approached the captain and asked how much to take us around. For a fair price, no hassle or haggling necessary, we hopped on board. Mike and his crew took us from their spot all the way down to the Famous Rick’s Cafe, stopping to view the cliffside hotels along the way. We made it all the way past the lighthouse on the southernmost point of Westmoreland (the farthest end of Negril) before we decided to turn back with the lurking of stormy skies. On the way back we sailed straight into the heart of the storm but this was just part of the adventure for us. After sipping just a bit of white rum to warm us up, Mike and his crew brought us home safely after an almost 3 hour trip and with memories that we are still talking about as we speak. Their friendliness and warmth towards tourist and locals alike is why we recommend them as our favorite. 

Tell them where you’d like to go or let them take you on a journey, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Don’t just take our word for it, take a tour for yourself. 

No need to worry with Captain Mike, you’re in for a yah-so-nice trip. 

Next time you are in Negril, Give him a call (876)-847-7699 

Tell ’em GG travel sent you. 



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