Review: Coco La Palm Seaside Resort Hotel Negril, Jamaica 

Review: Coco La Palm Seaside Resort Hotel Negril, Jamaica 

In September 2016 we were grateful to spend 2 very full weeks at this resort. After returning home, we both agreed that staying at the Coco left us feeling very restored and rejuvenated, more so than some of our other adventures. Heres our review

Things we enjoyed

• Easy Going Environment

For the most part, everyone keeps to themselves. You won’t find any outrageous beach parties, loud music at all hours of the day or otherwise. If you want just a quiet relaxing time at the beach, no chaos included – this is the place. 

• Security 

The security at this property in our opinion is outstanding. Here is one of the best that we have experienced without being an all inclusive resort. 24hr ground patrol. At many of the local hotels you can find yourself being pestered by beach vendors consistently all day long. When you just want to relax and be left alone, this can be at bit bothersome. Some also have part time security but leaving gaps during day or nighttime hours. At The Coco La Palm, guards stop all vendors and non-guest passerby’s from approaching you on the property. Several times while sitting out to soak up a bit of sun, anyone who tried to sell something, security came to stand next to me and told them to leave. If you are interested in purchasing some goods, the guards still stand close to make sure no funny business or harassment goes on. A+ all the way. 

• Landscaping 

From the minute you walk past the front reception area, you may as well be entering a tropical oasis. The ground areas are very well kept and the plants are neatly groomed while still feeling very natural and secluded. The hidden jacuzzi tub was one of my favorites especially if you are looking for some privacy with your significant other. For any of you who have ever visited Key West, the idea is very similar. The property also features two large pools, one in the center between the buildings and one on the upper deck overlooking the ocean. 

• Breakfast

Marley’s By The Sea

Continental breakfast is included. As stated in a previous post, this came come as a valuable bonus. The continental is fairly generous including a large basket of breads and pastries, coffee and fruit. Fruit can be exchanged for fresh juice if desired. If you’re looking for something a bit more hearty, for a small up charge, you can substitute the continental and order off the main breakfast menu. The Jamaica ackee breakfast and snapper were two of our favorites.

• Location 

About a 15 minute walk to Timesquare 

30-40 minutes to downtown Negril 

Best Of The West located conveniently across the street
Only a few hotels away from Margaritaville 
Overall, universally located in the middle of 7-Mile Beach Strip

• Monday Night Managers “Party” 

A nice evening including complementary hors d’overs, appetizers, beer, wine and a live mellow reggae music band. 

Things you should know:

• Accommodations

There are 2 different types of rooms on the property. The newly built/renovated section and the older rooms – bungallo suite family rooms. You can view pictures online to do the comparison but be sure to specify which you would prefer. Most rooms are very basic with the necessary essentials to make your stay reasonably comfortable. 

• Lack of socialites  

Unless you strike up a conversation with other neighboring guests, during our stay most of the staff didn’t socialize much. While happy to accommodate if you ask advice or are in need something, don’t expect to get too one on one friendly with the bartenders or waitresses. They are trained to do their job so this factor is mentionable but notably minor and understandable. 

• Quiet 

Again, this is a relatively a minor factor but for me was a bit more important. I don’t know about you but, when I go on vacation, I want to at least feel a little beat and rhythm from somewhere other than my workout playlist. I really enjoy listening to a little reggae and/or Jimmy Buffet to put me in the island mood. This was not the case here. Except for the Monday night 1hr cocktail party, expect quiet. Lots of peace and quiet….

For a clean, comfortable, safe, worry free vacation, overall we give Coco La Palm a very solid score on our list of Negril Beach Hotels.

Happy Travels!




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