Review: Jake’s Place Resort – Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Review: Jake’s Place Resort – Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Although we have never stayed here, Gary and I stop here every time we drive through Treasure Beach purely to take a quick look at the view from this hidden spot. Just the other day on our trip up to the “country”, we stopped in for a minute to walk through this hillside oasis. We aren’t able to give you a full review on Jake’s Place but a picture can speak a thousand words. So here are a few photos to give you just a small preview of this cliffside resort nestled in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. 

Parked out front on the main roadside, Jakes Personalized Advertisment Car

Entrance of the property – something that makes you feel like you are about to enter The Secret Garden

To the leftside after entrance – landscaping consisist of several fruit trees and medicinal herbal plants 

Right side restaurant patio are, left pathway to bar and poolside sitting area

View directly after walking in on pathway – patio area to the right

Private entrance to cottage rooms

View from standing on dock extending out over water 

With only a few rooms at this resort, you’ll never have to worry about being over crowded. A nifty boutique hotel with an island twist. This is the ultimate place for peace and quite or if you’re looking for a tranquil setting to practice some yoga meditation. In my opinion a definite choice to keep in mind for 2 or 3 days of paradise soul searching. 

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