Jamaican Philosophy – Peace, Love & 420

Negril, the capital of casual as the welcome sign reads when entering the resort town – by no means is casual an exaggeration. You will see things in Negril that you have most certainly never seen before and a very promising chance that you will never be able to un-see them. (We are speaking from personal experiences) But, all visual imaginations aside, the most important thing about this beachy seaside sector of paradise is that you have a fun filled vacation you won’t soon forget. To all you beach lovers, party goers, peace one love rainbow, and 420 crowds alike – We are talking to you. 

For all of these titles, we are prejudiced against none and neither is Negril. This is the one place whoever you are, however you like to unwind and let loose – you’ll me someone who thinks exactly the same way you do. Go ahead and wear what you want, show off those tattoos you cover up at work, drink a Red Stripe with breakfast – you won’t be judged. This is one of the big reasons why I fell in love with Jamaica as a whole. People who live here have a different perspective on life. Of course they face the same hardships and struggles as you would in the US or Britain or anywhere in the world- but its how they handle those issue that separates Jamaican lifestyle differently from all of us. We stress ourselves out about every single thing under the sun and then ask why we come down with sickness and health ailments before we even reach 30 years old. Instead of planning for the future, worrying about things you can’t change – while on vacation here, whether you have a week or two or just a few days- you’ll experience what it feels like to just wake up and live. Enjoy waking up to the sunrise, taking a long walk on the beach -breath a sigh of relief and let yourself take in the meaning of living without restrictions. 

This is Jamaica. For many locals here, this is life everyday. For some of us, this is how we escape from a fast paced reality we are accustomed to. And for a select few, there is a good lesson to be learnt about life. 

A wise man once told me: Enjoy yourself, its later than you think. 

Peace, love and blessings, 




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