Review: Mike’s Glass Bottom Boat Tour – Salt Creek Negril, Jamaica

It’s been almost a year since we went out for a boat ride with Captain Mike while staying at the Coco La Palm Resort here in Negril. You can read our review here as to why we recommend him as our favorite boat to tour with. So the other day, a mellow irie Monday, we decided to set sail again. This time, a journey north to Salt Creek River. 
Captain Mike and his first mate “Birdie” picked us up midway down the shoreline on 7-Mile Beach. We hopped in and headed out just a little after 11am. 

“Birdie” pictured above. 

Our previous times out, we have always headed down towards West End (the southernmost point of Westmoreland, Negril) but this time my fiancé Gary and I agreed that we wanted to try something a bit different. We had asked Mike a few days ago about going up the river near the fishing village in downtown Negril but he told us that there was a risk of getting stuck and had something better in mind. 

We sailed past Sandals and around into Bloody Bay grasping an up close view of the new Royalton All Inclusive Resort on the cliff point. I will be posting our detailed review on that ultra modern resort soon. 

The Royalton All-Inclusive pictured above 

Past Bloody Bay we followed the cliffside around taking notice of the beautifully colored villas on the peak – we were met soon met with a bridge connecting Green Island and Negril. 

The trip up creek was very quiet and peaceful. If I hadn’t known better, I felt as though I was back in South Florida somewhere lost in the everglades. (Minus the alligators of course). We even spotted a few white heron birds to fit right in. 

 Mike informed us that most of the land was government owned and deemed wetlands but we still passed some sugar can fields and semi inhabited river banks. 

We went as far as we could (until we reached a crossing bridge that was too low for the boat to pass) where we knew it was time for us to turn around. 

The wind started to pick up on the way back and we knew what was coming next. Negril has a tendency to bring on afternoon rain showers this time of year but we didn’t mind. Captain Mike timed it just right and we made it back just in time before the rain set in for the afternoon.  

It seems as though time passed rather quickly on our nearly 3hr excursion but what else would you expect with great company, good conversation and smooth sailing.
Next time you’re in Negril and looking for a boat ride, Don’t hesitate to give Mike a call – and tell ’em who sent you. 


Until next time…happy travels!




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