Full Review: The Royalton All-Inclusive Resort – Negril, Jamaica 

Review: The Royalton All-Inclusive Resort – Negril, Jamaica

The most recently built hotel resort on the Negril resort strip. We have the inside review:

My fiancé and I watched this resort being built over the last few years while staying at the Riu ClubHotel on the opposite side of Bloody Bay. This was one of the main reasons we were intrigued to try the ultra modern “Royalton” experience. During our stay here, we wanted to indulge in everything this wonderful place has to offer. Though still under construction during our stay, heres what you need to know. 

Upon arrival, the entrance of the hotel is tucked off the main road with gated security – no one enters or leaves without checking with the guard. 

Walking into the lobby area is an experience all by itself. Immediately you feel as though you’ve stepped out of your taxi and straight on to the deck of one of the worlds best cruise ships with an unobstructed, open air view of the bay. 

We were greeted promptly by several staff members all of whom were very friendly and assertive. The bellman offered to take our bags while a host guided us to the front desk and asked if we would like anything to drink while we wait. Though no waiting was required, we graciously accepted the rum runner for starters. Check in was a breeze. Normally check in is at 3pm however, since we were already staying at another hotel in Negril we had no “travel time” per-say and arrived bright and early at 8am. Reception was more than accommodating with our early check in. 

The bellman guided us to our room. After just reaching, we noticed a noticeable odor in the room that was not suitable to stay in. Quickly our bellman called the front desk and we were moved to another room and upgraded oceanfront as to compensate for the inconvenience. We were greatly pleased with how efficient customer service stepped in to ensure our stay was flawless. 

The rooms are stunning. Being that the hotel was just built, we already anticipated a fresh modern design but this surpassed all of our expectations. Every detail was strategically set. From the over the bed recessed lighting to the his & hers shower to the smart tv that greets you with your name on screen. I’d say I spent a good 15 minutes pressing every light switch and button just for the thrill of it. 

Every room (including the standard) have a large jet powered jacuzzi bath tub. I was more than anxious to try it out but we decided to head out first and tour the breakfast options at the buffet. 

There are several dining options at this resort featuring international cuisines and even a steakhouse. These are available for lunch and dinner though the most popular option seemed to be the “Gourmet Marche” Main buffet. (breakfast is strictly at the main buffet dining room).

 Did I forget to mention 24hr room service? Thats right. Included. No extra charge. 

 We attempted to try the steakhouse for dinner but were met with a considerable wait and the staff seemed to be running a bit behind with table orders. 

Overall there are many different options available so even if you are restricted with special diets, you will still likely be able to find something that is suitable for your needs. There are several stations that offer cooked to order food available for breakfast lunch and dinner. Everything was very neat, tidy and well presented. The food in our opinion was decent but the quality was definitely not the best. This is probably the only so-so thing that I have to say about our entire experience. Some things as expected of course were better than others. Perhaps it was having prior experience with all inclusive, we found it hard not to critique and compare. I found myself not eager to go back for second helpings and felt like many items were pre-packaged and preserved instead of freshly prepared. The concept and the presentation of the offerings was good but in our opinion did not follow through with being more than standard cafeteria quality. Though not a total deal breaker, it is a large factor of our stay and for a striving 5-Star resort, we were expecting a bit better. Hands down, we still hold the Riu Club as our personal best overall for food. 

The property is fabulous. Strategically set on the point cliff of Bloody Bay. The view is fantastic. Based on what we saw, it appears that most rooms have a partial (if not full) ocean front view. We were surprised as to how large the resort actually spanned. 

There are 3 separate sections within the property. The regular Royalton (the largest part) and two smaller buildings – The Hideaway and Grand Lido (Nude) but all have access to the same ground amenities.

 The Grand Lido section was not yet opened while we were there but we did walk over to view the area. With all honesty, we did not see much difference in the Hideaway area (except for the price tag of course) vs the regular amenities. They have a small cove-like beach section and what should have been “exclusive” pool with swim up bar but they’ve not yet mastered the “exclusive” part as it seemed anyone could jump in without being questioned. Just as with the “Diamond Club” special areas, perhaps because everything is still new and they want you to experience ALL the features of the resort, there were no regulations that said you must stay out except for the teeny tiny little sign that says “Diamond”. Even in the future, if they do restrict the areas, you’re basically you’re paying a lot more for a little extra privacy and few extra bells and whistles that really aren’t any different from the ones you’ll find on the other side of the property. 

As for the standard bells and whistles, they all suited us quite nicely. 

There are plenty of cozy areas if you want privacy or if you are looking for the higher energy party crowd, you’ll find it over by the infinity pool. There you’ll also find the pool bar and swim up bar combined in one and music that runs pretty much all day time hours. 

The liquor selection was pretty good compared to most all inclusive where they serve only basic off brand bottles. Here you’ll find a few name brands of better quality but you MUST ask specifically for it when you order any drink otherwise you will get the basic. 

For children, the kiddie pool area appeared quite nice. Equipped with little slides and a giant tipping water bucket – it looked like a playground in pool. While entertaining for the little ones, older kids and tweens would likely end up in the infinity pool. The resort also has separate kids and teen hangout club zone areas planned but they we still a work in progress while we were there. 

The spa and gym facilities are located on the same level as the lobby and in no way are they lacking a “The Royal Standard”. The spa offers all amenities you would typically expect for Men and Women – ranging from mani pedis, massages, hair treatments and much more. My favorite part, beyond pretty much every detail, was the tucked away pool where both sides of the His and Hers spa meet for an ultra luxurious oasis of pampering. 

The gym offers a good solid selection of weights and strength training equipment. Upstairs was a nice open aired design looking down below to the weight area featuring several treadmills and elliptical machines. The yoga/dance studio was located right down the hall in its own private room.  

At this time, there is security everywhere. Every corner, hallway, entrance, exit, down, around and upside down. Due to the fact that there is still a good amount of construction in progress, this is likely the reason. However, if they keep even a fraction of guard staff for the long run – this would be by far one of the most well protected All Inclusive resorts in Negril. 

And there you have it, The Royalton in a nutshell. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here with only the exception of the ongoing construction. This factor aside, everything from the time we stepped in was near flawless. 

Happy Travels!




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